These are some nice things people have said about us, they usually save the abuse for the middle of a WOD. But they rarely mean it,

CrossFit challenges me everyday, and everyday I rise to beat it, that’s what I love about CrossFit, that and the fact that it changes everyday, Routine is the enemy. Scott Demeijer.

Karen Schrader

I’ve been training at Drop Bear Crossfit for a year now. Scott is a fantastic coach and has helped me achieve more than I thought possible. I love the varied training and reaching goals. Thanks Scott!

Kirthi Demeijer

Scott has helped me to gain a level of fitness that I never dreamed possible.

Yes Kirthi is slightly biased as she is my wife. But our programming has helped her tone up and lose weight

Kirthi starting her journey – and Kirthi now

Christie Moore

I joined because my partner was mad keen on it and I wanted to share in his obsession. I didn’t actually think I would like it or would want to come back but i got hooked like the rest of the crossfit community. I figured it was popular for a reason but I didn’t realise I would gain so much extra from it like stress reduction, letting out emotions, being a role model to my daughter, walking taller and having much more confidence in my abilities and then taking that confidence to other aspects of my life.

Kerrie Jones

When my gym closed down, I was looking for a small, locally owned gym. I didn’t want to go to a large gym as I wouldn’t have stayed motivation and personal training can get expensive. And, due to a dodgy knee, I wasn’t about to take up running. Fortunately, I found Drop Bear Crossfit. I had no idea what Crossfit was but was willing to give it a go. I’m so glad I did! I really enjoy lifting weights, learning the right techniques and getting stronger.

The WOD is different and challenging each day and I always come away knowing I have done a great workout. I have accomplished things that I never thought I could do at my age, like handstands, knees to chest off the bars and overhead squats, to name a few. I like that I can scale the weights and some routines until I learn to do them properly or if I’m nursing an old injury.

I have made new friends at the Box and it’s great training together. We all try and encourage each other to do our best and finish the WOD or hitting our PB, even though sometimes, we just want to give up. Scott also keeps a close eye on us and makes sure we are doing everything properly and that we don’t slacken off. I highly recommend Crossfit to anyone of any age and level of fitness.

Sarah King

I had heard about Drop Bear for a few years and everyone who I knew who did crossfit raved about it. When I got injured I couldn’t run which I loved and I missed the endorphins from exercise. Going to a gym didn’t work for me as if I got there I had to make myself workout and more often then not I slacked off.

From my first visit Scott was great at modifying the wods so that I could still workout with my moon boot. I love coming in and just doing what is on the board. No thinking just working out to the best you can do. The atmosphere and community at Drop Bear is so welcoming and encouraging. Now I am on the road to recovery I love seeing what my body can do and that I am slowly getting guns instead of tuck shop arms.


I do crossfit because I LOVE it! heart emoticon I never played any sports or “worked out” before in my life before I visited a crossfit gym for the first time in 2014. At the time I was in a terrible place emotionally and was trying anything and everything to distract myself, so normally I would NEVER have considered stepping into a gym of any kind BUT I did – and I’ve been doing crossfit ever since. This is why.

  1. Doing a WOD gives a sense of achievement, even if you have to scale it down to your level of ability you’ll get a good workout no matter what.
  2. You learn new things and discover abilites you never thought you’d have
  3. The people there are awesome! Supportive, inclusive and you won’t be judged or looked down on
  4. Crossfit has undoubtedly increased my strength, endurance and overall fitness. Thanks to everyone at dropbear – you guys always inspire & uplift me!


The Fit List | Sunshine Coast CrossFit By Kellie-Jane Byrnes – 14 October 2015

DropBear CrossFit is easily one of the best Sunshine Coast CrossFit studios. The Nambour-based training venue runs group classes six days per week and introduces beginners to the sport gradually so that they become accustomed to the exercises over time. To start with, new customers can enjoy a free trial class to learn the basics of CrossFit, and from there pay for a four-week block of sessions to learn all the fundamentals.
Where: 704 Bli Bli Rd, Nambour, QLD AUSTRALIA