$175 a month

$495 for 3 months.

$975 for 6 months.

That is unlimited sessions, with a coach. CrossFit, Weight Lifting and Open gym.

To see the best results we encourage our athletes to train at least 3- 4 times a week.

FIFO we have a 10 session pass for $125

Emergency services and service personnel receive a 10% discount.

High School Students $120 after showing a valid student ID.

First class is free for new athletes, then Fundamentals/ On Ramp is $100, which covers your first full month.

Drop ins are for people who already crossfit at another box, they are welcome and we ask $15 per session, or we can work out a weekly rate if your here for awhile. Please text us or email to arrange a class.

Fundamentals Class

Your new to CrossFit and need to learn the fundamentals of the exercises, this is 4 classes where you have one on one time with the trainer and they run you through each and every basic movement we do in CrossFit, then when you join the group class you will be able to WOD right along with everyone else, we scale the weights and movements till you get fitter and stronger and more mobile. Fundamentals class cost $100, after they finish you continue on for the rest of the month, then normal fees apply.

Training Group