Public Holidays 7am.
NB, session times are a guide, contact to confirm availability.

Class Times

Feel embarrassed or intimidated when you walk into a gym, NOT at DropBear CrossFit, everyone who comes to train is there with the same goals as you, so don’t worry about looking silly or awkward when starting as we have all had to at some stage. We offer a 2 WEEK TRIAL for $50, so you can experience CrossFit.

On Ramp / Beginners

Your new to CrossFit and need to learn the correct way of moving to complete the exercises, this is 2 classes a week where you have time with the coach and they run you through each and every basic movement we do in CrossFit, then when you join the group class you will be able to WOD right along with everyone else, we scale the weights and movements till you get fitter and stronger and more flexible. The On Ramp/beginner classes cost $100 for 2 classes a week over 5 weeks.

To Make a Booking

We use WODIFY as our booking system. If you cannot access Wodify then please either Contact DropBear by email or phone 0405164405

Getting Started

We offer a 2 week trial for $50, these classes are for anyone interested in CrossFit. We scale the movements and weights.

Sure some of you will need to have the workouts scaled when you join into the groups, we program for the best and scale for the rest, that way we all strive to get better. The only machines you’ll see at DropBear CrossFit are Concept 2 rowing machines for cardio work and you of course. Free weight exercises have better functional carry over to life and sport than training on machines.