What is CrossFit ?

From Beginner to the more advanced athlete,  you are welcome at DropBear CrossFit, no matter how far you are into your journey. DropBear caters for all fitness levels and abilities. CrossFit is lots of fun, run by a committed & qualified team. We believe that technique and consistency are king before intensity, and classes should be fun and different everyday,  It is defined as Constantly Varied, Functional Movements executed at High Intensity. Workouts are measureable , observable and repeatable through your results.

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Who can do CrossFit ?

Anyone and everyone can CrossFit, we all start our journey somewhere. Whether you have never been to a gym or are an experienced athlete, CrossFit is for everyone. We scale the workouts so everyone does the same amount of work according to their ability. We teach everyone how to move correctly, through a full range of motion, the way the body is designed to move, then we add intensity. Good technique feeds intensity. Regardless of age fitness level and physical limitations, CrossFit can meet you wherever you are on your fitness journey.